TOPS-10 on PDP-10 Emulation HOW-TOs




Here are my how-to pages for running TOPS-10 on a PDP-10 emulator. The PDP-10 runs Digital Equipment Corporation's (DEC) TOPS-10, TOPS-20, and several non DEC operating systems. Linux, Solaris, and Windows platforms can host PDP-10 emulators. Where applicable, the examples assume the Solaris 10 platform.  Most of the information pertaining to TOPS-10 are emulator platform independent. 

Emulation host operating system:

Solaris 10 on x86 

PDP-10 Emulator:


TOPS-10 Operating System Tape Images and Resources:

TOPS-10 installation and configuration:

TOPS-10 v7.04 and Simh; Install Log
TOPS-10 v7.04 Mongen (enabling dataset lines); Configuration Log
TOPS-10 BASIC and FORTRAN; Install Log

Other resources of interest:

PDP-10 emulation links page by Zane Healy
Phil's PDP10 Miscellany Page by Phil Budne

Downloads: TOPS-10/PDP-10 download page


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